Bringing your musical ideas to life is an experience like non other. We know that who you work with to capture your music can make or break a recording. That’s why AKR puts emphasis on the creative process, making sure that your recordings realize their full potential.

We start by listening to you: your favorite artists, your favorite recordings, your favorite animal – we want to know what inspires you.

We’ll help map your recording’s journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and artist collaboration.

Once everything is ready we hit the record button. This is where the previous steps pay off – you can focus on getting the best take and we can focus on making it sound stellar.


We are a team of musicians, producers, and engineers working together to
help you turn your musical ideas into reality.

Broderick Adams Profile Image

Broderick Adams

Producer / Engineer

As lead engineer, Broderick’s job is to create beautifully crafted music for your project, big or small. With almost 10 years of experience in engineering and producing, Broderick’s résumé ranges from Somalian music to Hip Hop and Death Metal. He is no stranger to radio play, if you’re looking for your sound, look no further.
Nick Schmitto Profile Image

Nick Schmitto

Producer / Engineer

Nick is our producing specialist, translating your musical ideas into reality right before your ears. DAW, ADSR, Automation, Swings. If this sounds foreign to you, don’t sweat it. Nick has got you covered on all of these and more with next level beats and top notch production that meets the industry’s highest standards.

Animal Kingdom Recordings will bring your music to life!