Recording Studio

Whether you are a beginner musician, singer/songwriter, or a seasoned professional, we welcome all skill levels and all genres here. Come experience Animal Kingdom Recordings and let us help you bring your music to life!

  • Microphones

    Neumann TLM 149, MXL Genesis Vacuum Tube Mic, EV 660 Dynamic Super Cardoids, Rode NT5’s, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 52, Audix Fusion Series Drum Mic Kit, MXL V63M, Scartlet Studio CM 25

  • Console & Preamps

    Softube Console 1, Universal Audio Apollo 8p, Focusrite Liquid Mix 56, Focusrite Octo Pre

  • Computer & DAW's

    Mac Desktop, Macbook PRO, Pro Tools, Ableton, FL

  • Plugins

    Waves, Slate, Universal Audio, Izotope, Blue Cat, Audiothing, Celemony, Antares

  • Monitors & Heaphones

    JBL’s, Beyerdynamix DT 770 Pro 80’s